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Frequently Asked Questions
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General issues
Q: Is the item you advertise new?
A: All of our items are brand new and untouched unless specifically stated otherwise.
Q: Is this product grey market?
A: All our products are intended for the US market unless specifically stated otherwise.
Q: Do I have to pay sales tax?
A: At this time only shipments made to addresses within the state of Florida must pay an additional 7% sales tax. All others are exempt.
Q: What happens if my equipment is being recalled by the manufacturer?
A: HookedOnTronics.com will make every effort to notify customers that purchased any item that will be recalled by the manufacturer. In the future we will have a section that deals with recalls, where you will be able to get any information applicable.
Q: How safe is the information I share with you?
A: Our secure servers protect your information using Firewalls and the most advanced technologies. Whenever sensitive information is being transferred between your browser and our servers, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) the highest 256-bit encryption to make sure all your personal information is safe from unauthorized use. When SSL is used, most browsers will show a lock icon in the bottom of the status bar. For more information, please click on the THAWTE logo (on the left side of all our pages) to verify our membership, and our commitment to your security.
Q: How do I monitor the process of my order?
A: After placing an order and confirming all its contexts, you will be able to monitor the status of your order by going to 'My Account' link located at the top of HookedOnTronics.com home page. Additionally, you will get an email confirming each step of the process, including one when shipped with a link to the tracking number.
Q: What does it mean when my order says: pending, shipped, cancelled?
A: Pending means that you have placed the order and it is now in the processing stage. In this stage we make sure that the item/s you chose are ready to ship, that your method of payment has all the information necessary, that the method of shipping is compatible with the item/s we ship and finally we process your payment.
Shipped means that your order has shipped. At this stage you should have gotten an email with a list of items that shipped and a link to the package tracking number.
Cancelled means the order has been cancelled by a request from the customer or by HookedOnTronics.com. For more details you may email our sales department.
Q: What happens if you don't have my item available to ship?
A: In a case where an order has been placed and there is no availability for the item/s, a sales representative will contact you by email or by phone to inform of the delay and give an approximate date of shipping. The representative may also suggest an alternate product for the ordered one. If only part of an order is not available to ship, the available products will be processed and shipped and the others will be backordered and shipped as soon as new inventory reaches our warehouse. At any rate, HookedOnTronics.com will not process and charge your credit card for items that are not available for shipping.
Q: How do I know if HookedOnTronics.com received my order?
A: As soon as you completed the order process and confirmed its context, you will receive an email of confirmation. Then, within the next 24 hours (excluding Holidays and weekends), and after our sales department had a chance to verify all the information supplied, you will receive an email with payment instructions if necessary. There after we will notify you by email every step of the way.
Q: How long do you keep my order status history?
A: Your order status history will be available for 6 months from the day we ship your order.
Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: Please read our 'Payment methods' section for all details.
Q: How can I place an order?
A: Best, fastest and most efficient way is to go directly to our web site and register for an order there. We also have a presence on EBay where we auction some of our products and maintain a store front.
Q: Can I order by phone?
A: We do not accept phone orders. HookedOnTronics.com is an Internet company and has invested into the latest and most hi-tech resources to make your on-line order processing as easy and as friendly as possible. In order to keep our sales prices as deeply discounted as they are, we only accept on-line orders. Should you encounter difficulties, you may call us at null and one of our sales representatives will be very happy to walk you thru.
Q: Can I pay by phone?
A: At this time we only accept payments on-line.
Q: I am in your area; can I pick up my order at your place?
A: HookedOnTronics.com is not open to the public. Our warehouse has limited staff that handles mostly in and out shipments. However, special accommodations can be made in certain cases and by appointment only. You must first make an order on-line, and insert a comment about your willing to make the pick up at our warehouse. Only after completing that process you may contact us for an appointment. If acceptable by us, we will give you exact instructions for the will call.
Q: How do I pay with paypal?
A: Once your order is placed, you may select PayPal as your payment option. You will then be prompted to continue to PayPal to complete your payment.
Q: Can you ship an order to my work place or to another address?
A: If you pay by Money Order, Cashier's Check or bank wire transfer, we will ship to any destination. If paying by credit card, you should have your work address listed as an alternate shipping address with your issuing bank. This is done for security reasons to prevent any fraudulent charges on your card. Orders that are paid via PayPal will only be shipped to the confirmed address that is listed with PayPal. We also do not ship to an alternate address that is outside the state of the billing address.
Q: Can I send an order to someone as a gift and make sure that the price does not show on the packing slip?
A: Yes, you can. You must make a remark with the order of this fact so special packing slip can be inserted. Any different address other than the billing address should be treated as an alternate shipping address. If you are an international buyer, full value must be declared for customs duties purposes.
Q: Can I add or delete items from my order if I change my mind?
A: Yes you can, but HookedOnTronics.com offers convenient and prompt delivery, as per the shipping method chosen with your order. Once your order is transmitted to our sales department, it will be processed very quickly and shipped out for quick delivery. If you want to change your order, please let us know as soon as possible by email. We will check the status of your order and attempt to make the necessary changes. If your order has already shipped, we will not be able to make any changes and return/exchange policy will go into affect.
Q: What do I do if I want to cancel my order?
A: Contact us right away by email us the request. Orders that have been shipped can not be cancelled and return for refund policy will take affect.
Q: Can I cancel my ebay purchase?
A: No, you cannot! An EBay purchase is a contract between you and EBay and between EBAY and us. If you made a mistake and wish to change for another product, you may contact us to inquire if arrangements could be made.
Q: What happens if there are issues with my order?
A: If there are any issues with your order, you will be contacted by a customer care representative via email or phone call.
Q: I noticed that the price of merchandise that I bought yesterday, went down today, am I getting ripped      off?
A: No, you are definitely NOT!! our advertised selling price is always the same for everyone. prices fluctuate based on our purchase price and manufacturer deals. Usually we do not offer any price protection. However, for merchandise that has been sold at a higher price within 72 hours of payment date, we offer a store credit for the difference in price. it is your responsibility to claim this credit within this time period.
Q: Why do I have to notify my credit card company if I want my order shipped to a different address?
A: This is a policy from most Credit Card Companies that must be adhered to, both by HookedOnTronics.com and other Credit Card Company customers. It is done to protect you from fraudulent use of your credit card account. It is in your best interest to call your Card Company and notify them of your other delivery address so that your order can be authorized and shipped to you as quickly as possible. If you do not call your Credit Card Company to notify them that you are using a different shipping address for an order, your order may be delayed. Please contact us as soon as the alternate address has posted to your account. Please note, that an alternate address is usually posted temporarily for 24 hours and then deleted by the bank. So, past calls for the same reason do not guaranty that you still have that alternate address posted.
Q: What is your delivery policy?
A: HookedOnTronics.com will attempt to deliver your package anywhere in the United States. UPS delivers between the hours of 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, M-F excluding holidays and weekends. We cannot determine exact delivery time. For more specific delivery details, please refer to your tracking number.
Q: I won't be available tomorrow to accept my delivery, what do I do?
A: HookedOnTronics.com ship via UPS. If the order's value is under $200, UPS will leave the package by the door to your house. For orders over $200 an adult signature will be required. UPS will attempt to deliver your package three (3) times. If you are not available at the time the package is scheduled for delivery, UPS is going to leave you a note saying when they will come back for another attempt or if you wish you can pick up the package at a UPS facility near your area where you will be required to identify yourself with a valid picture ID card. USPS deliveries will be attempted once and a note will be placed in your mail box for location of pick up.
Warranty and Returns
Q: What do I do if my product is received defective, I want to return it or exchange it??
A: If your item is received defective or you want to return it for any reason, please log in to 'My Account' (within 15 days of ship date) on our website, select "return a product" from the menu and follow the instructions. Your request for return authorization will be answered within 1 business day.

An in depth description of our Returns and Exchanges policy is detailed on our 'Info & Support' page.
Q: Do I have to pay for shipping if I return the item?
A: Yes, shipping is your responsibility when returning an item. Canadian buyers must ship packages back to us using Canada Postal Service only. In addition, when exchanging an item, the return shipping must be prepaid by the customer.
Q: I have returned and item for refund, why am I being charged a restocking fee?
A: This amount is a processing fee charged by the warehouse to receive your item back, inspect it, and return it to inventory. Restocking fees are waived when an item is being exchanged within 30 days of purchase as per our guaranteed exchange policy.
Q: I have returned an item for refund and it was sold to me with free shipping, why was a shipping fee deducted from my refund?
A: Items sold with free shipping have the shipping and handling costs included in the purchase price so that the buyer may easily determine the final cost of the item. Those charges which our company has paid the shipping carrier to ship the item to the buyer are non-refundable.
Q: Why do I need a return authorization number (RA#)?
A: An RA# enables you and us to track the process of your return. Our receiving department will not accept any packages without an RA# noted on it.
Q: Do products I buy from HookedOnTronics have warranty coverage?
A: Products sold by HookedOnTronics are packaged with the corresponding USA manufacturer warranty and service information (except cell phones). All the products sold on this site are original and unaltered, and are sold at a substantial discount over regular retail and manufacturer minimum suggested prices. The low prices offered by HookedOnTronics, are in general, not authorized by many manufacturers. In those situations, where the manufacturer does not authorize HookedOnTronics to sell at the prices advertised on our website, those manufacturers may decline to honor the warranties that generally accompany the product being purchased. HookedOnTronics cannot be held responsible for the refusal of a manufacturer not to cover or honor one of their warranties. In the event a manufacturer does refuse to honor one of their warranties, please contact us and we will make every effort to help you obtain service for your item.
Q: Do you offer Extended Warranties?
A: Yes, Currently HookedOnTronics offers extended warranties (aka service plans) from Repair Master.
Prior to completing your purchase, you may add the appropriate warranty to your order. You may also purchase the extended warranty up to 30 days after your initial purchase. If you are unsure as to which warranty is right for you, please email us.
Car stereo
Q: Does it fit my car?
A: You may email us the year, make and model of your car along with the unit you are interested in and we will be glad to tell you if it will fit.
Q: Do I need to buy anything beyond the headunit?
A: In many cases a wiring harness and faceplate are necessary. You may email us for this information.
Q: What is the best way to install my unit?
A: HookedOnTronics.com recommends that all installation be done by professionals. We also recommend that the installer performs a 'bench test' on all the products prior to their installation. This test will enable you to know if a unit is malfunction and needs to be replaced. In that case the unit can be returned for exchange in an 'as new' condition.
Cell Phones
Q: Are your Cell phones locked?
A: No. HookedOnTronics.com offers unlocked phones for use with T-Mobile, AT&T & Cingular Wireless mobile service providers, as well as many international providers.
Q: Which mobile service providers use SIM cards in the USA?
A: Currently, several companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T and Cingular Wireless support SIM cards. It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm the individual service provider's compatibility with the phone you purchase.
Q: What is a SIM card?
A: Subscriber Identity Module (SIM); A smart card containing the telephone number of the subscriber, encoded network identification details, the PIN and other user data such as the phone book. A user's SIM card can be moved from phone to phone as it contains all the key information required to activate the phone.
Q: What does GSM stand for?
A: Global System for Mobile Communications.
Q: What is GSM?
A: GSM is an open, non-proprietary system that is constantly evolving. One of its great strengths is the international roaming capability. This gives consumers seamless and same standardized same number connectability in more than 170 countries. GSM satellite roaming has extended service access to areas where terrestrial coverage is not available.
Q: What is Dual Band?
A: The capability of GSM infrastructure elements and handsets to work across both the 850MHz and 1800MHz bands. The capability to seamlessly handover between the two bands offers operators major capacity gains.
Q: What is Tri-Band?
A: Refers to a mobile phone able to operate on the three internationally designated GSM frequencies- 850, 1800 and 1900MHz.
Q: What is Quad-Band?
A: Refers to a mobile phone able to operate on the four internationally designated GSM frequencies- 850, 900, 1800 and 1900MHz.
Q: What is an Unlocked Phone?
A: An unlocked phone allows the use of any SIM card, unlike locked phones that can only be used by a specific wireless carrier.
Q: What is Bluetooth?
A: A low power, short range wireless technology designed to provide a replacement for the serial cable. Operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band, Bluetooth can connect a wide range of personal, professional and domestic devices such a laptop computers and mobile phones together wirelessly.
Shipping issues
Q: What countries do you ship to?
A: We ship worldwide. Please read our 'Info & Support' section for all details.
Q: What is the best way to ship?
A: For most packages that are shipped to within the lower continental 48 States, we recommend UPS Shipping Services. We also use USPS (US Postal Services) on a limited basis, Freight Motor and FedEx. Please note we are no longer able to ship to APO, FPO and other military addresses. Please note that we do not offer 3rd party billing or freight collect services.
Q: How much does it cost to ship?
A: For all UPS shipments, you can use the "Shipping Calculator" found on the main page for each item we sell. This calculator will give you the exact amount that you will be charged on your order. For USPS shipments, please contact our sales department for quotes and availability of services.
Q: Do I save on shipping if I buy more than one item?
A: Absolutely! Shipping is automatically combined on multiple purchases paid for at the same time. Note when paying with credit card or PayPal, we can only accept one payment per shipment.
Q: What type of service do I get with 'Free Shipping' promotion?
A: HookedOnTronics.com is offering, as a promotion for certain items, free shipping. When you purchase any of those items, we will ship it FREE of charge (including insurance) to any destination in the 48 States of the continental USA via UPS Standard Ground Service. Note: actual shipping costs will be deducted from any item that will be returned for refund.
Q: how much shipping do I pay if I combine other items with a "free Shipping' item?
A: Our Shipping Calculator is programmed to only calculate shipping charges for those items that are not under the 'Free Shipping' Promotion.
Q: Can I upgrade the shipping Service for items that are 'Free Shipping'?
A: Yes, upon checkout you will be able to choose any type of upgraded service you wish at the regular cost. In addition, you can get those figures from our shipping Calculator'.
Q: Is a signature required for my delivery?
A: All orders over $250 will require a signature for delivery.
Non-USA buyers
Q: Do I have to pay customs duty and how much?
A: Our company is not updated as to the customs fees each country charges its citizens for an import. Before purchasing, we recommend you contact your local post office or UPS center for details on what these charges will be.
Q: Do you ship internationally/overseas?
A: We can ship most items we sell to international/overseas locations. You must first contact us with the item you are interested and where you want it shipped to for availability. Please read info & support section for details
Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Yes. Please read our 'Info & Support' section for all details.
Q: Can I pay by paypal?
A: Yes. Please read our 'Info & Support' section for all details.
Q: Will this product work properly in my country?
A: It might. Most of our product line is geared for the domestic US market. That means that the product functions on 110V current and TX/RX NTSC video signal. The US is considered 'region 1' for DVD software. Car stereo tuners are pre-adjusted for US radio frequencies. We suggest that you email us for any compatibility issues, before making the order
Q: What methods of payments are available to me?
A: We offer a variety of payment methods. Please read our 'Info & Support' section for all details.
Q: What does 'Refurbished', 'Refurb' or 'RB' mean?
A: When an electronic product is returned, it is shipped to the manufacturer, where it is thoroughly inspected, and then restored to its original specifications (if needed). Once done the item is tested and repackaged for resale. Such items can no longer be sold as 'new', and can only be sold as 'refurbished'. Those products are sold at a lower price than 'new'. It is possible for these items to have cosmetic blemishes which in no way affects the functionality of the product.
Q: What does 'Open Box' mean?
A: Any item which was opened for inspection, or testing purposes but never actually owned by anyone, can be considered 'open box'. The unit will most likely have been operated at one point, and then repackaged as new in its original box.
Q: What does 'Clearance' or 'Closeout' mean?
A: An item that has been discontinued by a manufacturer in which our company still has available, may be considered a closeout. These items are generally offered at special discounted prices, which means additional savings to you. Clearance could also be an item in which we have received special pricing due to volume and which we are passing the savings onto you, our customer.
Q: What does 'Discontinued' mean?
A: Company has stopped manufacturing the item. In many cases a new replacement model will be available.
Q: What does 'Temporarily Out' mean?
A: Item is not currently available and is on order.
Q: What does 'New Arrival' mean?
A: Item that just became available within the past 60 days.
Q: What does 'Coming Soon' mean?
A: A new item that its introduction has been announced by the manufacturer. However, a date of delivery is approximated to within the next few months. You may opt to receive an automatic email once the product becomes available for sale.
Q: What does 'On The Way' mean?
A: A newly released item, that will become available for sale within the next 14 days. You may opt to receive an automatic email notification once the product becomes available for sale.
Q: What does 'Display Goods' mean?
A: HookedOnTronics.com will offer from time to time products that have been on display in its showroom and have been in very little and limited use. Those products will be packed as new and sold at special discounted prices.
Q: What does 'Gray Market' mean?
A: Items imported into the country by vendors other than the manufacturer. Those products, if sold by us, will carry our own exclusive in-house warranty.
Q: What does 'Multi System' mean?
A: Video products that transmit and/or accept signals in NTSC, PAL and SECAM.
Q: What does 'Multi-volt' mean?
A: Products that are capable of functioning in 110-220 Volts.
Q: What does 'Code Free' or 'Multi Zone' mean?
A: DVD players that are capable to read software from all regions. Those units are usually modified by specialty labs.
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